Ainslee R. Ferdie

        Following graduation from the University of Miami, Ainslee R. Ferdie served on active duty with the United States Army from 1954-1956 and has been in private practice since then. He has appeared in trial courts in more than 50 Florida counties, and in Federal Courts in at least 7 other states.

        Mr. Ferdie has argued in all five Florida District Courts of Appeal, the Florida Supreme Court, as well as both the 5th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal for the Federal system. In addition to his extensive experience in the field, Mr. Ferdie has also lectured extensively at various ABA and Florida Bar meetings on diverse topics such as dispute resolution, landlord & tenant, mortgage foreclosures, as well as prepaid legal services.

Stuart A. Lones

        Stuart A. Lones graduated from the University of Miami in 2004. Since then, he has worked at the Law Offices of Ainslee R. Ferdie (2004-2007) and the Law Offices of Ferdie and Lones Chartered (2007-present).

        Mr. Lones has over 17 years of practice in trial and appellate cases, in both state and federal courts with expertise in diverse areas of the law; including commercial litigation, real property, foreclosure, landlord and tenant matters, family law, and personal injury. Experience in litigation includes complex high profile cases.

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